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Apneic Oxygenation

Unanticipated difficult airways can prove potentially fatal in the patient at increased risk for desaturation during the apneic period. As we attempt to secure the airway in these patients, are there any additional adjuncts the anesthetist can utilize to prolong the apneic period and avoid early hypoxemia? This article addresses some adjuncts that have [...]

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Perioperative Vision Loss

Postoperative vision loss is a major concern. As CRNA's, we must remain vigilant to ensure the safety of our patients. How much do YOU know about postoperative vision loss? Test and refresh yourself with this AANA Journal Course that addresses how this phenomenon occurs and what we can do as anesthesia providers to avoid [...]

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Novel Use of Clevidipine

Hemodynamic management of the patient with Pheochromocytoma can present a difficult challenge. For patients who are at increased risk for severe intraoperative hypertension with manipulation of the adrenal gland, which antihypertensive medications provide the best management. This article addresses Clevidipine as a potential option. Novel Use of Clevidipine for Intraoperative Blood Pressure Management in [...]

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Factors Influencing Patient Safety

Transfer of patient care is a critical step in assuring positive patient outcomes. Nowhere is this pivotal step more important than in the setting of a critically ill patient, or, a postoperative patient. Is standardization of the transfer of care process beneficial to patients? Does it ensure that all pertinent information has been relayed. [...]

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Breaking Through Economic Barriers

Electronic healthcare information systems have proven to be a vital resource when it comes to the delivery of healthcare, both in and out of the operating room. They streamline the delivery of healthcare and have made it easier for providers to access patient information across a vast healthcare continuum. While the benefits of these [...]

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