Apneic Oxygenation

//Apneic Oxygenation

Apneic Oxygenation

Unanticipated difficult airways can prove potentially fatal in the patient at increased risk for desaturation during the apneic period. As we attempt to secure the airway in these patients, are there any additional adjuncts the anesthetist can utilize to prolong the apneic period and avoid early hypoxemia? This article addresses some adjuncts that have proven themselves useful in such settings.

Apneic Oxygenation: A Method to Prolong the Period of Safe Apnea

Matt Pratt, MBA, BSN, BAAS, EMT-P
Ann B. Miller, DNP, CRNA, ARNP
AANA Journal – October 2016 – Vol. 84, No. 5 – www.aana.com/aanajournalonline

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