CRNA Salary & Compensation

Compensation has always been a hot topic within the field of Nurse Anesthesia. Region plays a very specific role in determining how much you can plan to make as an anesthetist. Over the past five to ten years, however, we’ve seen a gradual decline in CRNA compensation. Why do you think this is? How [...]

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VA Final Rule Excludes CRNAs

What do you think about the VA’s ruling to exclude CRNA’s from autonomous practice?  Our position here at Lullaby Anesthesia Associates, LLC is against this ruling. The state of healthcare delivery to our veterans is already obscene at best. This ruling substantially delays, and may even prevent delivery of services to those who have [...]

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Clinical Education Experiences

While in anesthesia school, I remember a small group of us sitting around trying to pick a topic for our group presentation. A few of us suggested a couple of topics that were quickly shot down by others in the group, mainly because of the difficulty we’d face in finding literature on the topic. [...]

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