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Clinical Education Experiences

While in anesthesia school, I remember a small group of us sitting around trying to pick a topic for our group presentation. A few of us suggested a couple of topics that were quickly shot down by others in the group, mainly because of the difficulty we’d face in finding literature on the topic. In jest, one of the group members said, “Maybe we should do it on SRNA abuse”. Immediately, the entire group began to laugh, as this was something we had all experienced on varied levels while still in the program. I don’t think any of us initially entertained this as a serious topic to research. It was more of a light, funny moment we shared in the midst of what we then thought was an assignment we could do without. It wasn’t until another group member sitting in the corner wit his laptop said, “Guys, wait a minute, I’m actually finding literature on that topic over here”. We were all stunned and quickly ran over to his laptop. Yup…there was actual literature on the subject. Click here to see the first article we found.

It had been decided. We went on to complete our group research project on SRNA abuse.

What are your thoughts on SRNA abuse or hazing? Did you experience this in your anesthesia program? If so, do you think it helped or hurt you as a student as well as a CRNA? Are you currently an SRNA experiencing this in your program? If you experienced this in your program, how do you interact with SRNA’s now that you are a licensed CRNA?

Clinical Education Experiences: Perceptions of Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Sass Elisha, CRNA, EdD
Dana N. Rutledge, RN, PhD
AANA Journal – August 2011 – Vol. 79, No. 4 – Special Research Edition

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