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We at Lullaby Anesthesia Associates, LLC believe that education is paramount. Therefore, we have dedicated this portion of our website to disseminate the most recent, evidence-based practice information available on a variety of perioperative and anesthesia related topics. Please feel free to browse our catalog of articles, case studies, and practice information.

We also welcome independent submissions from recently published, licensed anesthesia personnel. If you would like your published article considered for inclusion on our website, please feel free to contact us and include a copy of the article. You will be notified of your submission’s acceptance prior to its placement on our website.

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Lullaby CRNA Education
1405, 2016

Flight Path to Patient Safety

What is the correlation between the airline industry and patient safety with regard to anesthesia practice? Tom Davis, CRNA explores the parallels between these two concepts, and outlines ways the anesthesia provider can ensure the safety of their patients. Very interesting read, take a look. Flight Path to Patient Safety Author Thomas Davis, CRNA PRO CRNA - May 14, 2016 -

104, 2014

The Concept of Reentry

Drug use and addiction are unfortunately very real pitfalls that some anesthesia providers face. Entering treatment programs and overcoming the addiction can both be very difficult. But what difficulties do anesthesia providers face when they attempt to reenter the field? Is reentry to anesthesia practice even possible? If so, what pathways for reentry are available to assist the provider with a history of drug use and abuse? This article takes a closer look at the process. The Concept of Reentry in the Addicted Anesthesia [...]